Height: approx. 180mm.- DC third series, Great Mazinger appearance!- Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger appeared as a DC series that follows the devil man.- Continue, by the thorough consideration by Mr....
AED. 647.90


Height: approx. 180mm.

- DC third series, Great Mazinger appearance!

- Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger appeared as a DC series that follows the devil man.
- Continue, by the thorough consideration by Mr. Kazuhiro Ochi is an animator, cartoonist, is at the time of the TV anime Gekichu as it is of the Great Mazinger was born.

- Definitive edition of the TV cartoon Great Mazinger!

- Series Common pedestal
Base superalloy soul DC series common specifications.
It can be stored replacement parts inside.

- Reproduce the Fire on before the first of the super alloy soul
Blaine Condor before attachment of the light-emitting and have not face parts are included.

- Excellent action performance
With a range of movement that can not be imagined from its slim body.
Scrambled dash also become swept wing in exchange formula.

- Variety of armed
Reproduce the armed to be mounted on the Great Mazinger.
Also reproduce the line of natural breast after removal of the using the spring Great boomerang in the chest.
TV version of the color of Mazinger blades, drill pressure punch, such as knee impulse kick.
First appeared in Great booster also included in the movie [Great Mazinger vs. Getter Robo G aerial Daigekitotsu].

- set content
· Body
• Replacement wrist left and right each three
- Mazinger blade × 2
• Replacement startup face parts
Scramble Dash
• Replacement scramble dash wings left and right
Drill pressure punch × 2
• Replacement elbow parts × 2
Knee impulse kick × 2
Back spin kick × 2
Great Boomerang
- Blaine Condor
- Combined for Blaine condor
Scramble Dash housed state
• Replacement enable missile
· Pedestal for the dedicated plate
• Common pedestal
· Pedestal arm two
Great booster for pedestal
Great Booster
·-Moving waist armor

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