Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX-74 Getter 1 D.C. "Getter Robots (TV Anime Edition)"

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Height: approx. 180mm.

-Appearance in the DC series every month, getter following the Great!

-Two co-starred in [Great Mazinger vs. Getter Robo] appeared in consecutive months!
-Commercialization of the TV anime version of Getter Robo will be the first time in 16 years since GX-06.
-A definitive getter 1 made with the latest technology together with Great Mazinger.

-Getter 1 is reborn with the latest technology!

-Series common base
The pedestal is the same as the Super Alloy Soul DC series
Replacement parts can be stored inside.

-Get machine included
Includes Eagle, Jaguar and Bear.
Get machines can be exhibited with effect parts.

-Two types of face parts included
Comes with 2 types of face parts that appear in TV opening and face parts that appear in theatrical version.

-Various armed
Reproduce all the armaments that getter 1 is equipped with.

- set content
・ Body
-Replacement face parts
・ 4 types of wrist left and right for replacement
・ Getter Wing
・ Getter Tomahawk × 2
・ Common base
・ Two types of pedestal arms
・ Dedicated plate for pedestal
-Catapult pedestal dedicated to get machines
・ Get flight dedicated pedestal
・ Eagle
・ Jaguar
・ Bear
・ Movable waist armor for replacement
Replacement chest armor