Bandai Soul of Chogokin - GX-81 Zamboace "Invincible Super Man Zambot 3"

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Height: approx. 180mm.

- Zambo Ace Appears!

- Zambo Ace appears in the size of about 180 mm in height from [invincible superman Zanbot 3] which celebrated the 40th anniversary of airing in 2017.
- Zambard = Zamboace deformation not to mention, Zambo Magnum can be recombined.

- Big size & full action of about 180 mm in height
Zambo Ace attached to the [GX-23 Invincible Superman Zanbot 3] (released in 2004) from about 135 mm in height to 180 mm in total height and size up more than the cover. We omit the coalescing system and respond to various actions by giving priority to the completion degree as Zambo Ace.

- Full reproduction of ace change
Each part evolved into a deformed system that is more faithful to the image, and Kamuhei Kamihei and Chiyo Nishiki figures board the cockpit at the time of Zambard. [Trembled horn] for Zambard [Balkan cannon] is also included.

- Zambo Magnum comes with all optional parts as well
All armament options such as extension barrel are included. If you deploy Gamberto loaded with these, it also changes to holster jet form.

- set content
· Main body
· Replacement wrist Left 1 kind Right type 2
· Chest wing (large)
· Chest wing (small)
· Replacement facial parts
· 50 mm Vulcan × 2
· Tremble Bullhorn
·gun belt
Complete gun
· Complete pedestal
· Lumbar cover parts right and left
· Zambard rear fixing parts