Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX-85 Titanus Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Japan Ver.)

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Full length: approx 410mm.
Height: approx 290mm.

- Series Congregation!   The strongest huge god is desperate advent!

Following [GX - 72 Great Beast God] [GX - 78 Dragon Caesar] (each sold separately), the strongest, the greatest, the last guardian beast [King Brakion] appeared in the superalloy soul!
- Based on the [POWER RANGERS LEGACY (Legacy)] series sold abroad, each part is refined to luxury specification suitable for superalloy soul.
- Bring the Great Beast God and Dragon Caesar 's [Imperial Great Beast God] united and put the final form in the play [Ultimate Great Beast God] in your hand!

- Overall height about 290 mm! A total length of about 410 mm! A huge feel suitable for the ultimate patron squirrel.
- Cannon linked with the front wheel moves up and down when running.
- New shaping is given to each part, upgrading to superalloy soul specifications.
- By adopting die casting and plating at the tip of the nail, chest, cannon part, realize a beautiful texture.

- set content
· Main body
· Tail Cannon (left and right)
· Neck parts
· Chain parts