Bandai Super Sentai Zenkai Henshin Gun DX Geartlinger

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-Glow from [Kaikai Sentai Zenkaiger]! Ring! [Worldwide Transformation Gun DX Gear Tringer] is here!

-It is a transformation gun used by Zenkaiger.

--Set the center gear on the surface and turn the handle to rotate the center gear and the gun body!

-When you pull the trigger, it transforms into a Zenkaiger!

-You can also activate a special move by turning the handle!

-It is an item equipped with multiple functions that can be used for both transformation and attack.

--Two center gears are included.

――You can enjoy various sounds by linking with the separately sold center gear.

[set content]

・ Gear stringer… 1

・ Center I Gear 45 Zenkaiser… 1

・ Center Igia 16 Zenkai Julan… 1

・ Instruction manual… 1

[Batteries used]

・ 2 AAA batteries (sold separately)

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