Bandai Vital Bracelet Series Digital Monster Digimon Digvice -V-

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From the wearable LCD toy series "Vital Breath" that allows you to develop and evolve your character according to the amount of activity such as your heart rate and steps.

"Digimon Ghost Game Broadcast Commemorative Vital Breath DigiVice V-" is now available.

This is a Digivice used by the three children who appear in the TV anime "Digimon Ghost Game".

NFC-equipped smartphones that have a built-in NFC chip and emit radio waves with apps, etc.

By touching IC devices such as card readers in the city, Digimon can auto-battle.

If you use the dedicated app, you can manage the raised Digimon, register the picture book, and battle online.

Equipped with a sleep function from this product. Furthermore, the evolution cycle is faster.

Part of the screen display has been changed to make the play of "Vital Breath Digital Monster" smoother.

By inserting an optional Dim Card, you can change the area and breeding Digimon.

Includes one "Gammamon Dim Card".

* The arm circumference is approximately 14 cm to 19 cm.

(Everything other than the one that comes with this product is sold separately.)

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・ Vital Breath DigiVice V -... 1

・ Gammamon Dim card ... 1

・ VS Dim card… 1

・ Charging cable… 1

・ Instruction manual… 1

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