Bausch & Lomb ReNu MPS Multi-Purpose Contact Lens Solution - 240 ml

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  • Gentle Comfort for Sensitive Eyes: Renu's Multi-Purpose Solution, a mild choice for sensitive eyes—clean, disinfect, and store with confidence.

  • Versatile Care: Effective against germs, perfect for soft lenses. Tailored for healthy, sensitive eyes—clean, disinfect, and stay comfortable.

  • Poloxamine Magic: Renu's secret? Poloxamine for superior cleaning and comfort. Wipes away debris, enhances wettability—pure cleaning bliss.

  • DYMED Defense: Renu means effective disinfection. DYMED wipes out micro-organisms, ensuring lenses are clean and ready for action.

  • All-in-One Confidence: Renu is more than a cleaner—it rinses, stores, and rewets. A simple, reliable solution for your daily lens care routine.

  • Eye Care, Simplified: Renu, the brand you trust. Keep it simple, keep it clean—your eyes deserve the best.

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