BERGHOFF EUROCAST Non-Stick Saucepan With Lid 7" - 18 cm/1.9 Qt - 1.8 L

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  • The BergHOFF Eurocast range of saucepan feature a superior non-stick surface, detachable handles, oven proof & easy-drainage glass lids and an energy-efficient design.
  • The design of these saucepans allows for food to be cooked quicker than most comparable saucepans because the heat is evenly distributed across the surface of the pan. Even heat distribution and quicker cooking times also means less energy consumed to cook your food.
  • The easy-drain lids have three built in glass bumps that ever so slightly raise the lid from the pan, these release the pressure and stop the lids from rattling when cooking but also allow for easy-drainage and so no more cullenders!
  • The detachable handles on the BergHOFF Eurocast saucepans allow you to start something on the hob and then transfer the entire pan (including the lid) directly into the oven – all you have to do is detach the handle!
  • *Please note that due to the size of the base on the 16cm Eurocast saucepan this pan is the only pan in the entire Eurocast range that may not be suitable for use on induction hobs. Both the 18cm and 20cm saucepans are compatible with induction.

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