BERGHOFF EUROCAST Professional Series Non-Stick Teppanyaki Grill Plate- 48.5 X 28.5 Cm

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  • This highly versatile cooking plate is ideal for use on the hob, under the grill, in the oven and even out on the BBQ!
  • Extremely lightweight when comparing to equivalent products on the market and allow you to cook fat-free with no oils or butters (unless you wish to add some for flavour).
  • The grill equivalent has the professional grill-look lines that you would expect to find on a restaurant served steak or chicken breast fillet making it ideal for meats and fish.
  • Works well out on the BBQ for fish and vegetables that would usually be awkward to cook.
  • Despite their size and shape, the quality design ensures a fast, even heat distribution across the pan meaning its just as hot at either end as it is in the centre.
  • Please remember to remove the blue silicone handles for all uses except on the hob; always use oven gloves when touching or transferring the platter; stand on a heat proof surface after cooking.

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