[Bonus] Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- Azumi Kagamihara 1/7 Complete Figure

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On July next year, Azumi Kagamihara From Broccoli's hit trading card game "Z/X -Zillions of enemy X-” will become a figure!


Character background

Azumi Kagamihara is one of the main protagonists in Z/X -Zillions of enemy X-. A girl that was on the verge of death due to an unknown disease. Her life was extended with the help of the Blue World's technology and in exchange she has to fight together with the Z/X against the other worlds. Her shy character gives her the feeling of an adult that does not talk much.


Product features

--The appearance of this figure is based on Takuya Fujima's new illustration of over boost form.


--There is a bonus gorgeous promotional card will be included, it is featured with new illustration of Takuya Fujima.


--The fine details have been recreated with the supervision of Takuya Fujima. The painting of her body parts like


--She has been designed with a dynamic pose that holds a sword and prepare to fight, making her a gorgeous sowrdman.


--The sculptor of this figure is Denki Unagi Hatsuden, paintwork is done by Nana Moriyama and pose is designed by Takuya Fujima.


--She is a pre-painted complete figure. Scale is 1/7 and H250mm (including base). She is made of ABS & ATBC-PVC material.


Product contents

--Main figure

--Designated base

[Bundled Bonus]

--Promotion Card "Maisou [Souten] Azumi Kagamihara (Upper)" (Holo + Foil spec.) x2

--Promotion Card "Maisou [Souten] Azumi Kagamihara (Lower)" (Holo + Foil spec.) x1