Breville Water Filter ClaroSwiss (BES008)

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For the finest-tasting coffee and espresso, make sure you're brewing with the best-quality water. The Breville ClaroSwiss filter works with your Breville espresso machine to filter out impurities and scale from water, resulting in a cleaner, more refined extraction from the beans.

Reduces water hardness for optimal flavor extraction from coffee beans.
Prevents mineral build-up and reduces the need for descaling.
Monthly tracker dial indicates when it's time to replace the filter (approx. every 3 months).
Compatible with Breville Oracle Touch (BES990), Breville Barista Touch (BES880), Breville Bambino Plus (BES500) and Breville Dual Boiler (BES920) espresso machines.
Sold as a set of three online, or as individual packs in our stores.
Each pack includes 100 filters.

Keep your water fresh and your machine clean with this water filter for new Breville espresso machines. Produced by Swiss filter maker ClaroSwiss, this resin water filter clips into your water reservoir and features a 3-month date wheel to keep track of when its time to refresh your filter.
ClaroSwiss Water Filter for the owners of the following Espresso Machines:

the Oracle® Touch (BES990 - Batch 1747 & up)
the Oracle® (BES980 - Batch 1751 & up)
the Barista Pro™ (BES878)
the Barista Touch™ (BES880)
the Dual Boiler™ (BES920 - Batch 1801 & up)
the Dynamic Duo™ (BEP920 - Batch 1801 & up)
Disclaimer: Please check your existing filter or machine batch code to ensure that the machine is compatible.

Model: BES008

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