CAT 1000 Peak Amp Professional Jump Starter and Compressor.

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Product Features :

  • 1000 peak amp and 500 instant amp starting power.
  • Able to jump start vehicle engines up to 6.5L.
  • Reverse polarity alarm and LCD indicator helps alert the user when connected in reverse.
  • AC charger included to keep your unit always ready to use.
  • 4 USB charging ports provides up to 6.2A of charging power for phones, tablets & electronic devices for up to 10 hours.

Product Description :

The CAT 1000 Peak Amp Professional Jump Starter is the ultimate source of portable power on the go. This professional grade jump starter features a 1000 peak amp jump starter able to jump start vehicles with engines up to 6.5L, a 120 PSI air compressor, Autostop functionality, an ultrabright 3 LED area light, a reverse polarity alarm and LCD digital readout screen, and 4 USB charging ports that can charge your personal electronics for up to 10 hours. Furthermore, it also featues a heavy duty portable housing design that will not roll around in your vehicle. So no matter if you're heading to the beach, to a campsite or an outdoor event, you can rest easy knowing that you have the right tool for all your power needs. Furthermore, it comes with a 2 years manufacturer's guarantee if anything should go wrong.