Charging Essentials Twin Socket Adaptor Surge Protected with 4 USB Chargers- Pack of 2

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  • Take control, manage your charging needs, and double your home socket capacity with the compact, space saving Charging Essentials Twin Socket Adaptor with 4 USB Chargers.  Each adaptor features 2 sockets, and 4 USB charging ports. 
  •  2 sockets 13A 240V 50/60Hz
  • The USB charging ports offer a shared 4.2-amp max charging output with designated charging indicator lights that turn to red when charging, to green when charging is complete. 
  • The socket adaptors provide surge protection giving you peace of mind that your small electronics will remain protected from electrical spikes and surges up to 450 Joules.
  • The socket adaptors easily plug into a standard wall socket connected to the mains supply to help transform any low powered home into a charged oasis.
  • Provides extra sockets without extra cords 
  • For use in an interior grounded wall socket connected to the mains supply


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