Clorox Liquid Bleach Original (3.78Ltr).

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  • Clorox, the #1 bleach brand in the world.
  • Kills 99.9% of common household germs.
  • Gives you the whitest white.
  • Removes stains, cleans and disinfects.
  • Nothing kills germs better than Clorox.
  • One product, many usages : Kitchen, bathroom, laundry, around the house and many others.
Product Features.

Clorox, the #1 bleach brand in the world, helped us all do a surprising array of wonderful things: from disinfecting hospitals and drinking water to giving you the whitest white clothes with its anti-yellowing formula. Clorox liquid bleach whitens, removes stains, cleans and disinfects, killing 99.9% of common household viruses, bacterial and fungus. One product with many usages: FOR KITCHEN, it works great to clean and disinfect kitchen sinks and countertops in additon to sanitizing dishclothes, synthetic sponges, dishes and cutting boards. FOR BATHROOM:It can be used to clean, disinfect and deodorizes bathtubs, showers, floors, walls, tiles and drains. FOR LAUNDRY: It whitens, removes stains and disinfect clothes. FOR GENERAL USGAGE: great to disinfect kids toys and increase cut flowers longevity.