Club House Chili Powder (600g) - Earthy & Slightly Sweet, With A Mild Heat- Clearance

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Product Features :

  • A blend of chili pepper, spices, and oregano, Chili Powder has an earthy and slightly sweet flavour.
  • It is intended to dominate food rather than enhance, and imparts a mild heat flavour with the earthiness of cumin.
  • The earthy, rich mix is the perfect blend to spice up a variety of different foods.
  • Give your favourite dishes an extra kick with this savoury spice!.
  • Club House is dedicated to boosting the flavour of your everyday and most important meals and have become Canada's leading brand of spices, seasonings, recipe mixes and extracts.

Product Description :

Earthy and slightly sweet, with a mild heat, chili powder is a blend of chili pepper and other spices and seasonings.