Condition Me Conditioner with Cholesterol, Caffeine & Rosemary (250ml)- All Types of Hair & Afro - Watermans Hair Growth Conditioner

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  • Replenishing & Nourishing, Softens And Moisturises.
  • Revitalises Hair, Protects And Repairs.
  • Strengthens From Root To Tip, Reduces Hair Loss.

Watermans Hair Growth Conditioner Condition Me For All Hair Types

* Anti-Hair Loss Activity Formula For Women And Men.

Replace Your Normal Daily Conditioner With Pure Luxury Made In The Uk.

Our Key Ingredients That Are Packed Full Goodness For Hair Growth And Scalp Wellbeing
Cholesterol + Vitamin D, Caffeine, Rosemary Extract, Hydrolyzed Lupin Protein, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) Antioxidant Properties, Glycerin

Suitable For All Hair Types And Races, Also A Amazing Solution For Afro Hair Care*
Replenishing & Nourishing
Softens And Moisturises
Revitalises Hair
Protects And Repairs
Strengthens From Root To Tip
Reduces Hair Loss
Stimulates Hair Growth
Improves Scalp Circulation
Contains Anti-Hair Loss Activity Formula
Made In The Uk
The Conditioner Can Be Used In Two Ways
1.As A Daily Hair Conditioner
2.Deep Hair Conditioning Treatment

What Is Cholesterol In Watermans Conditioner. Cholesterol Is A Safe West African Ingredient From The 1800S That'S Not Mostly Known To Non African Races, Cholesterol Is Super Ingredient Is Used To Repair, Moisture And Replenish Hair After Repeated Styling Processes.  Using Watermans Condition Me Regularly Can Protect The Hair From Becoming Damaged During Heat Straightening And Blow Drying.

Cholesterol In Our Watermans Condition Me Comes From Sheep'S Wool 'Lanolin',  Lanolin Also Has Anti-Fungal And Anti-Bacterial Properties That Protect The Skin From Infection.

* " Results May Vary From Person To Person" Check Out The Photos On This Listing