CONQUECO Portable Coffee Maker, Rechargebale 12V Electric Heating Espresso Machine

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Product Features

  • Electric Automatic Espresso Maker - Fully automatic with rechargeable battery,one button design,no need to pressurize manually,set your hands free.Conqueco rechargeable portable coffee maker is your best choice to enjoy up to 40 ml of authentic espresso at home, in the office and on the go.
  • Simple to Operate - 1.To check the battery level,press the button once and release. 2.To use cold water,press the button for 2 seconds to start heating and enjoy espresso after about 8 to 12 minutes. 3.To use hot water(up to 80℃),press the button for 5 seconds to start brewing the espresso and pumping .
  • Two Charger Adaptors - Conqueco car coffee maker comes with car charger(12V 7A) and home charger(12V 1A).It can be charged without disassembling the battery to use outdoors easily.This Portable Espresso Maker can be placed in a cup holder or bottle holder in a backpack easily while driving cars.
  • Easy To Use and Clean - Conqueco portable espresso machine is fully automatic. Only just need to wash the coffee cup, simply press the button for 5s to pump water washing the whole portable coffee machine.Attention that no need for capsule while cleaning.It is more convenient than the Nanopresso Manual Maker.
  • Capsule Compatibility - Only use Genuine Original Line Nespresso Capsules or L'OR Capsule With the CONQUECO Portable Coffee Maker (NO Compatible Ones).Please note that this travel coffee maker is used to make 40ml Espresso.Only 40ml is called Espresso.

Product Description :

CONQUECO Portable Coffee Maker, Rechargeable 12V Electric Heating Espresso Machine,15 Bar Pressure, Compatible with Nespresso and L'OR Original Capsule, Perfect for Travel, Car, Home.