Fingertip Oximeter Oxygen Saturation Monitor, Blood Oxygen Monitor, Finger pulse Low Battery Voltage Heart Rate- LK88

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Bright OLED Display: The bright OLED display allows use in any environment - from dark surrounding to bright sunlight.

Portable and Lightweight: The small size of the oximeter makes it easy for you to carry around in your everyday life.

 How to ensure the accuracy of your measurement? |

1. Moving too fast will affect the accuracy; try to stay still while waiting for your reading. 

2.When the oxygen saturator and the heart are at the same level, the measurement results are optimal.

3. Avoid nail polish or long nails on the finger used for the reading. Fingers should not be wet at all either.

4. Ring finger, middle finger and index finger are recommended as suitable monitor position

The Pulse Oximeter features are small size, low power consumption, convenient operation, and portability. It is only necessary for the user to put one of his fingers into a fingertip photoelectric sensor for a reading, and the display screen will directly show measured value of Hemoglobin Saturation. The Pulse oxygen saturation is the percentage of HbO2 in the total Hb in the blood, so-called the O2 concentration in the blood. It is an important bio-parameter for the respiration.