BISSELL Wash & Remove Pro Total Permanent Stain Removal With Febreze, 1.5L

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  • BISSELL Wash & Remove Pro Total - The new specially designed Wash
    and Remove Pro Total carpet shampoo effortlessly removes stains
    and odors with the power of Oxy.
  • This is first carpet shampoo that includes the fresh scent of Febreze, Scotch Gard
    Protector and Oxy, enabling your BISSELL carpet cleaner to
    permanently remove tough stains and protect your carpets fibers
    while leaving them smelling cotton fresh.
  • Safe for use in leading full-size carpet cleaning machines on carpet and upholstery
  • Permanently removes tough stains like red wine, coffee, tea and grape juice.
  • Laboratory tested and safe to use in BISSELL and other full-sized competitor carpet cleaners-even rental machines.
  • Concentrated 2x formula provides a great clean and helps remove unwanted.