DeLonghi Ecodecalk Descaling Liquid- 500ml

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  • Effective Limescale Removal: Specifically designed to remove limescale, a common cause of coffee machine failure.
  • Prolongs Machine Lifespan: Prevents limescale accumulation, extending the life of your coffee machine.
  • Enhanced Descaling Formula: Lab-tested and proven to be 3 times more effective than traditional descalers.
  • Long-Lasting: A 500 ml bottle provides enough for five uses, ensuring lasting maintenance for your machine.
  • Usage Instructions:
    • For Automatic Machines: Follow the descaling program as per your machine’s instructions.
    • For Semi-Automatic Machines:
      • Remove the coffee preparation handle.
      • Place empty dishes under the milk frother and coffee exit.
      • Run the descaling liquid through the milk frother with five-minute intervals, repeating four times.
      • Rinse with clean water afterwards.
  • Thorough Cleaning: Ensure to clean the water tank thoroughly for optimal maintenance.

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