Febreze Unstopables Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator, Fresh Scent (250g).

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Product Features :

  • The incronometers give you a stronger, stronger and longer-lasting scent.
  • Unstoppable AIR lasts up to six hours. Talk about a little staying power
  • Unstopables Fresh offers a clean scent that is outrageously revitalizing.
  • Use uninterrupted air in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or any room where you want to add a little sparkle.

Product Description :

Honey, we already know you're unstoppable and your air freshener should be too. That's why you shouldn't settle for anything but Unstopables. Who's got time for weak, wafting scents? You're craving something that packs some punch. That's exactly why Unstopables gives you scents that are bolder, stronger, and last longer and longer. With Unstopables AIR Fresh scent, just give it a spray and enjoy up to six hours of a clean scent that's scandalously invigorating. Go ahead and use it in the living room, kitchen, bathrooms, bedroom, or any old room where you want to add a little boom.