GGG Mobile Fighter G Gundam Rain Mikamura Complete Figure

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" Don’t underestimate the power of a woman!”


The heroine Rain Mikamura from "Mobile Fighter G Gundam" is going to join Gundam Girls Generation (GGG) figure line on April next year!


Character background

Rain is a kind yet clever and tough young woman who became Domon's closest ally and supporter. She's a brilliant mechanic and doctor. Though Rain had to put up with Domon's tough and hot-headed attitude, she still remained loyal and faithful to him. She was the one who took the photo of Domon and his family, which was later torn and used by him during his search for his brother Kyoji.


Product Features

--Rain Mikamura figure has been created with the outfit and attractive proportions as we can see from the anime.


--The partly open zipper of this figure makes you to enjoy the mature charms of her.


--This figure can be displayed as a set with the Gundam Guys Generation Domon Kasshu figure ( separately sold). This allows you to expand the world of G Gundam.


--The sculpturing is done by PINPOINT and paintwork is completed byTaumokei (Cooperation: PINPOINT).


--She is Approx. 21cm tall, and including the base to display this figure


Product Contents

--Main body