Gillette Antiperspirant Deodorant for Men, Clear + Dri-Tech, Non-Irritant, Cool Wave, 72 Hr. Sweat Protection, 108g Pack of 5

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Brand Gillette
Item form Gel
Scent Cool Wave
Special features All Day Protection
Number of Items 5

About this item

  • 72-HOUR SWEAT PROTECTION - Get 72 hours of fast-acting sweat protection to keep you cool and fresh all day
  • #1 CLEAR GEL BRAND FOR MEN—Gillette continues to deliver the best a man can get with this incredible clear gel antiperspirant and deodorant, providing 72- hour sweat protection and helps stop odor before it starts
  • GOES ON CLEAR- This clear gel goes on clear for anti-white mark protection
  • AS GENTLE AS WATER—This antiperspirant and deodorant is dermatologist tested, shown to be gentle as water and made with skin care ingredients
  • HELPS ELIMINATE ODOR— Gillette helps stop odor at the source to keep you fresh all day

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