Gillette Fusion5 Manual Cartridges, 18-count

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Product Features :

  • Precision Trimmer
  • 5 Precision Blades
  • Lubrication Strip
  • Microfins gently stretch your skin for a close shave

Designed to bring you optimal performance in shaving, Gillette Fusion men's razor blades will provide you with the most comfortable shave yet. Featuring 5 blades spaced closely together, this design distributes the shaving forces evenly across the razor to provide more comfort and less irritation. The precision trimmer blade is built into the back of the cartridge for tricky places such as sideburns, facial hair and under the nose. The Enhanced Indicator Lubrastrip has vitamin E and aloe, fading to white once you are no longer getting your optimal shave. 16 blades Provides a 5-blade shaving surface for a precise shave Flexible comfort guard follows the contours of your face Precision trimmer handles tricky areas, such as sideburns & under your nose Lubrastrip with vitamin E & aloe.