Gorilla Glue Gorilla Wood Glue (532ml) - For The Toughest Jobs on Planet Earth

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Product Features :

  • 20-30mins clamp time.
  • Fully cured in 24 hours.
  • Suitable for use indoors and outdoors.
  • Can be used on hardwoods, softwoods and wood composites.
  • Dries with a natural finish.
  • Short clamp time.
  • Dries natural color.
  • Water-resistant passes ANSI/HPVA Type II.
  • Water clean up and non-toxic.

Product Description :

For use on hardwoods, softwoods, and wood composites indoors and outdoors. Requires only 20-30 minutes of clamp time, and is fully cured in 24 hours.Dries to a natural wood colour. Non-toxic, water-based, solvent free polyvinyl acetate (PVA). High strength, cross-linking PVA formula with fast set speed. Water-resistant to ensure performance and versatility for interior and exterior projects.