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On March 2020, HAGANE WORKS will bring you the Zanma Taisei Demonbane !


Product Background

Zanma Taisei Demonbane is from the visual novel series by Nitroplus with mecha and Cthulhu Mythos elements. Beginning as an eroge visual novel for the PC, it was ported into a PlayStation 2 non-eroge remake, and spawned a sequel visual novel, a prequel novel, an anime television adaptation and a conversion to manga. An English version of the original Demonbane PC game was released by JAST USA. The anime is currently streamed with English subtitles by Crunchyroll.


Product features

--This new figure is presented to celebrate the 15 year anniversary of Demonbane, and Sculptor is Aran Moriguchi.


--The height of this figure is about 18cm tall and fully painted. Mechanical Designer Ni Theta has given a special design to him.


--The inside of the leg shields are featured with superior details, making him to become the most intricate model of Demonbane ever seen.


--He is made of material ZnDC, ABS & PVC. Die cast parts are used in some parts to make you feel the figure has weight at 340g.


--Various areas has come with Translucent parts.


--His weapons will be included such as Ithaqua, Cthugha, Scimitar Of Barzai, and Shining Trapezohedron.


--5 sets of additional hands are also included, this allows him to make the Lemuria Impact pose.




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