Hori Tactical Assault Commander K2 For Playstation 4 PS4

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Keypad controller & mouse ideal for FPS games. Recommended for users who are familiar with FPS games on PC with keyboard layout.

Compatible with dedicated smartphone apps. Button assignments can now be changed more intuitively. In the previous model, it was a complicated procedure from the PC to the dedicated software, so the procedure up to checking the operation feeling of the set contents was troublesome, but with this product you can easily change the settings from your smartphone, so game play immediately after setting Can now be reflected in

Up to eight profiles can be saved in each mode on the TAC. There are three types of conventional products, but you can save more titles and change settings for infantry, tanks and airplanes instantly.

The attached mouse can be adjusted in four steps (1600/2000/2800 / 3200dpi).

<Equipped functions>. Equipped with snipe / quick / walk buttons. Hardware switching function. Stereo headphone / microphone terminal. Touchpad function. Mouse diagonally upward cable

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