Height: approx 190mm. [ Related Products ]- Figure Complex Amazing Yamaguchi Series No.018 [Izuku Midoriya]--To Amazing Yamaguchi [I came]-Kaiyodo production action figure [Amazing Yamaguchi] 19th !!-From [My Hero Academia], participate in...
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Height: approx 190mm. 

[ Related Products ]

- Figure Complex Amazing Yamaguchi Series No.018 [Izuku Midoriya]

--To Amazing Yamaguchi [I came]

-Kaiyodo production action figure [Amazing Yamaguchi] 19th !!

-From [My Hero Academia], participate in All Might !!

-From the popular anime [My Hero Academia], Izumi Midoriya's admired hero and master Almight appears in Amazing Yamaguchi !!

-The invincible body that has overwhelming power to change the weather with one punch rolled out is three-dimensionalized with the largest volume in Amazing Yamaguchi history.

-The macho body wrapped in a costume that resembles an American comic hero is a perfect material for Yamaguchi-style movability.

-The scapula is movable so that both sides of the thick chest plate are divided and the entire shoulder can be moved back and forth so that the arm can be pulled backward and the chest can be projected to the front.

-Powerful expression of battle style with simple punch as the main!

-The lower half of the body is also equipped with a ball joint and a mono-shaft that allow the legs to open greatly, and the shin portion that can deform the human body to be deformed has been added to the body to allow dynamic stepping and jumping poses.

-Abundant expression parts and hand parts are included. From angry faces, cold sweaty faces, powerful fists in battle, to peace signs that can be used in comical expressions, it can be used in a variety of situations.

-You can reproduce the powerful scene just like an animation by using the American comic style onomatopoeia sheet and the effect parts that make the shock wave generated by punching and stepping into three-dimensional.

-Experience the action of [Plus Ultra!] Beyond Amazing Yamaguchi with an all-might full of play value!

-Faithfully reproduce the body of muscular bones and costume details like the all-might in the work

-Various actions and various poses like Amazing Yamaguchi can be done without breaking the details of the whole body

-Two types of [SMASH !!] onomatopoeic effects are included depending on the action!

-Various poses and facial expressions can be changed according to scene reproduction

-You can use the effects of Izuku Midoriya

-Various scenes can be reproduced in combination with Izuku Midoriya of the same series !!

- Optional parts

・ Option face x 3 (angry face, angry face bloodshed, normal sweat)

・ Option hand × 10 

・ Option eye parts × 4

・ Effect parts × 3 

・ Effect parts extension parts

・ 2 types of onomatopoeia effect sheets

・ Onomatopoeia effect holding parts

-Movable part: 32 places

-Number of joints: 10

-Prototype production: Katsuhisa Yamaguchi

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