Kaiyodo REVOGEO Japanese Giant Hornet

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Full length: approx 18cm.

-Moveable parts of the body from head to belly.
-The big jaw is movable, the inside of the mouth is reproduced, and the large compound eyes are made of transparent materials to improve the coloring.

-The abdominal segment is also movable, allowing you to bend forward greatly and take an attack pose.
-Poison needle, the biggest weapon of the big hornet, can be deployed without replacing the tip of the abdomen.

-The wings are usually folded in three, and when expanded, the characteristic that the front and back wings are connected to form a single wing is reproduced by two types of replacement methods, closed and open.
-You can change it according to the situation.

-Legs are equipped with joints at each joint to accommodate various poses.
-In order to be compatible as a display model, the joints of the legs can be replaced with fixed joints.

-A display base is included that allows you to select two types of GEO arms that can be firmly held both during normal flight and during flight.

[Vespa mandarinia (scientific name: Vespa mandarinia)]
-Wasps are distributed mainly in East Asia, and the giant hornet is the largest species among them (the largest species in Japan).
-Large and highly toxic, it can be said to be one of the most dangerous insects in the world because it attacks in groups, but it is the strongest hunter that can catch mantis alone, with a tough needle, strong body, strong jaw But also.
-Unlike the yellow hornet that also nests in houses, nests are often built in the soil such as the roots of trees in the forest, but the life of the nest and bees is only one season and the new queen that emerged in the fall will create a new nest next spring. Start making.
-Therefore, many new queens, who become nervous and aggressive in the autumn of raising the king, may attack only by walking near the nest.
-It's about this time that I attack other beehives such as yellow hornets and bees.

[About Ribogio]
-Movable creature figure series that inherited Kaiyodo's Revoltech started!
-Kaiyodo, which has developed a biological figure that expresses a vibrant beauty full of life with unusual observation eyes of modelers and an action figure series [Revoltech] that makes full use of revolver joints.
-Movable creature figure series [Ribodio], which is a combination of both, with Kaiyodo ism breathing, will start.
-A lineup of tickling science-loving intellectual curiosity, including arthropods such as insects and crustaceans, and dinosaur skeletons is planned.
-Three-dimensional objects are all life forms of the earth.
-Please collect the ultimate moving creatures created by Shinobu Matsumura, the general commander of modeling, and try to complete [Three-dimensional encyclopedia beyond time and space].

[Optional parts]
・Transparent display base
*GEO arm + GEO arm (short)
・4mm joint (non-movable) x 6
・Wings (for flight)

-Size: Length: 180mm
-Movable parts: 25 places in total
-Modeling Conductor: Shinobu Matsumura
-Prototype production: Kazuya Kira