Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Espresso Coffee, 2.2 lb. Bag, Vacuum-Packed

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  • Lavazza Whole Bean Coffee: Indulge in the renowned Italian coffee experience.
  • Rich and Balanced Flavor: Delivers a full-bodied taste, free from any bitter notes.
  • Medium Roast Profile: Perfectly balanced roasting for a rich aroma and sharp flavor.
  • Thick Crema: Easily attain a luxurious, compact crema for a delightful visual and taste experience.
  • No Need for Sugar: Enjoy the inherent sweetness of this blend without the addition of sugar.
  • Best-Selling Blend in the U.S.: Trusted and loved by coffee enthusiasts nationwide.
  • Premium Packaging: Vacuum-sealed bag with a one-way valve ensures freshness and aroma retention.