Lenor Ruby Jasmine Fabric Conditioner: 3.6 Liters of 7x Longer Freshness and Professional-Grade Luxury for Your Laundry

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  • Luxurious Jasmine Fragrance: Lenor Ruby Jasmine Fabric Conditioner offers an enchanting scent that lasts 7 times longer, providing a delightful and enduring freshness.
  • Professional-Grade Formula: Recommended for professional use, this fabric conditioner ensures effective water absorbency, resilience after tumble drying, and reduced static cling, making ironing a breeze.
  • Fluffy and Soft Results: Specially formulated to leave your laundry soft and fluffy, enhancing the comfort and quality of your clothes.
  • Long-Lasting Perfume Technology: Lenor's perfume technology gently releases scent with every touch, ensuring a prolonged and delightful fragrance experience.
  • Efficient Liquid Form: Convenient liquid form for easy and efficient use in your laundry routine, ensuring optimal distribution and coverage.
  • Precise Dosing Control: The ergonomic bottle includes a non-drip spout and a measuring cap, providing better dosing control for a professional and tailored laundry experience.
  • One Count Convenience: Simplify your shopping with each purchase including one unit, making it easy to manage and use as needed.
  • Economical Pack: Enjoy the luxurious fragrance and benefits of this fabric conditioner with a pack that offers 180 washes, providing both indulgence and value at 3.6 liters.