Makeup Mirror, EKO iMira Pro Ultra Clear Sensor Mirror, Sky Grey

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  • The EKO iMira Pro Sensor Mirror is an advanced, ultra-clear mirror with 1x and 5x magnification and powerful lighting, providing remarkable brightness and clarity, even in the darkest of rooms. The lighting is 1100 lux and color rendering index (CRI) of 96.
  • Adjustable brightness up to lux 1100, CRI 93, for full visibility even in the darkest of rooms, Automatic on/off sensor.
  • It has three light settings – each with adjustable brightness: Natural: Simulating natural sunlight for daytime looks., Bright: Cool bright light for finer definition., Warm: Indoor warm lighting, for evening occasions.
  • High quality, fingerprint resistant finish.
  • Rechargeable via USB - one charge lasts up to 4 hours of continuous use or around 3-4 weeks of average daily use, a USB cable is also included.

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