Mathy Universal 15W-40 Performance VX2 Engine Oil - 5 Litres

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  • Mathy Universal 15W-40 Performance VX2 motor oil is a universal motor oil, which is catalyst and turbo tested. 15W-40 Performance VX2 motor oil can be used according to the manufacturer's instructions for all diesel and petrol (gasoline) engines of commercial vehicles and passenger cars.
  • Typical application areas are: commercial vehicles in the near and long-distance transport, buses in the travel and city line traffic and construction equipment of all kinds.
  • 15W-40 Performance VX2 motor oil also meets specific requirements for use in certain vehicle transmissions.
  • Depending on engine design and operating conditions of long oil change intervals can be reached. The provisions of the motor manufacturer are to be observed.
  • This motor oil with viscosity range  15W-40 ensures good cold start behavior even at -15°C.