Max Factory PLAMAX MS-03 - Mashin Hero Wataru: Jakomaru Plastic Model

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ABS & PS & PE Assembly Style Plastic Model Kit
Size: Approx. H80mm (non-scale)
Including: Foil stickersSculptor: Max Factory (Seiichi Matsumiya)
"Change Tiger!!"
The third in the "Mashin Hero Wataru" PLAMAX model series of "Mashin" robots is the tiger Mashin piloted by the tiger prince, Jyakomaru! The model includes the Shielder Armor and Tiger Wing for an impressive size that faithfully preserves the shape of the original design. Certain parts can be swapped out to transform the model into tiger form!
-This model kit makes use of snap-fit connections for easy assembly. No glue required.
-Joints makes use of a poly-cap connection for articulation.
-The Tiger Sword and Tiger Shield are both included.
-Gripping hands and open hands are both included.
-Foil stickers are used to represent the coloring of certain areas.
-Certain parts are interchangeable allowing for transformation into tiger form.