MegaHouse Digimon Adventure Digicolle! Mix (Set of 8)

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***Figure Only, Phone not include in this item***

Set of 8.

Please note that you cannot necessarily get all kinds of the items in one box.

There are 8 kinds of figure models.

Copyright Akiyoshi Hongo/Toei Animation

-Create your own digital world!

-[Digimon Adventure:] is also very popular!

-A collection figure where the heroes' partner Digimon are gathered at once.

-It is a long-awaited item for fans to enjoy the digital world more by decorating it together with the currently popular GEM series.


・ Agumon

・ Gabumon

・ Tentmon

・ Pyomon

・ Palmont

・ Gomamon

・ Patamon

・ Tailmon

-Pre-painted mascot, pedestal

-Product size: Length around 50mm