Melitta Liquid Descaler For Fully Automatic Coffee Machines And Anti-calc Espresso Machines (250 ml).

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Features :

  • Melitta ANTI CALC Espresso Machines liquid descaler is suitable for all fully automatic coffee machines and espresso machines. Particularly simple and thorough - for the perfect care of your device.
  • The liquid descaler is optimally matched to your Melitta device, as well as being safe and easy to use and descales the system of your device thoroughly and powerfully.
  • Application: Pour 125ml (half a bottle filling) of Melitta Anti Calc liquid descaler into the water tank. Depending on the machine type, dilute with 375ml tap water according to the instructions for use. Start the descaling program. Finished! Other areas of application: coffee pod machines, capsule machines, portafilter machines.
  • The decalcifying solution contains natural raw materials, is 100% environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Ingredients: citric acid, lactic acid, corrosion inhibitors. Regular use of the Melitta Anti Calc liquid descaling agent ensures a longer service life and better energy efficiency.
  • Scope of delivery: 1 bottle of ANTI CALC Espresso Machines liquid descaler, content 250 ml, and sufficient for 2 descaling processes.