Melitta Perfect Clean Milk System Cleaning Liquid Espresso Machine - 250ml (6606206).

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  • Removes deposits of milk in the system easily and thoroughly.
  • The highly effective formula is particularly thorough but gentle and guarantees hygienic cleaning.
  • 250 ml capacity.
  • The Melitta PERFECT CLEAN milk system cleaner for fully automatic coffee makers.
  • The Melitta perfect clean milk System cleaner for fully automatic machines for coffee.
  • Removes easily and thoroughly milk shelf mounts in the milk system.
  • the highly effective formula is especially thorough and gentle, it guarantees a hygienic cleaning.
  • Contents each bottle: 250ml.
  • Imported from the UK.

Hygienic cleaning for the milk system. 
Fresh milk is essential in the preparation of coffee specialties like cappuccino or latte macchiato. Because residues cannot be avoided during processing, you should clean their milk system regularly.

With the Melitta milk System cleaner, remove easily and thoroughly milk deposits in your coffee maker milk system (E.g. Melitta CAFFEO CI).

The highly effective formula guarantees a careful and hygienic cleaning.
We recommend the milk system your espresso maker Melitta CAFFEO CI at least once a week to clean accordingly. Nothing in the way is then the highest enjoyment.