Gillette Endurance Cool Wave Deodorant Clear Gel (108g).

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Product Features :

  • Gillette Endurance Cool Wave Clear Gel deodorant roll for men with the formula 3X - 3 effects will form a barrier between sweat and bacteria, thereby preventing body odor and providing a feeling of airiness, comfort and aroma Cool for underarm skin.
  • Gillette Endurance Cool Wave Clear Gel gel deodorant will dissolve into sweat, forming a shield between the lips and bacteria, thus preventing odor.
  • With high deodorizing effect, strong masculine fragrance up to 48 hours, ability to keep dry for a long time, deodorant roller for men Gillette Clear Gel is preferred by many gentlemen.
  • Gillette Endurance Cool Wave Clear Gel roll armpits bring a refreshing cool feeling like a sea breeze with compact design with ocean blue color, can be easily carried when traveling, working, or whatever where you want.
  • In particular, Gillette Endurance Cool Wave Clear Gel Deodorant Roller does not cause skin irritation, safe for users.

Product Description :

Directions for use :

- Evenly roll the skin under the arms
- Use after bathing, wipe dry.
- Recommended: Daily use.
- Storage: Vortex tightly closed after use. Store in cool, dry place, away from moisture, direct sunlight.