Mighty Jaxx Global Warning (Inked Edition) by Kerby Rosanes

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The ice is getting thinner and the lonely polar bear is left to fend for himself.

Global Warning returns in its second colorway, the Inked Edition. Capturing the beauty of Kerby Rosanes’ ink-based artworks with its stencil-like paintwork, Global Warning (Inked Edition) brings the detailed ink linework of Rosanes’ designs to life with this distinct piece in all its monochromatic glory.

“Detailed lines using ink make up the entire artwork to a point that use of colours will be unnecessary. The fantasy twist in nature related themes dominates my black and white universe.” - Kerby Rosanes

Standing 8" tall, this thought-provoking piece with artist Kerby Rosanes is made from polystone. The layers of the piece are achieved through a double casting method whereby the opaque skull and bear are cast within the ice.

Prototype shown final product may vary.

8” Polystone Art Toy

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