Nescafe Dolce Gusto Americano Bold Morning Coffee Pods (16 Capsules).

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  • Previously Called Preludio Intenso: New Packaging, Same Trusted Product.
  • Transform Your Weekday Mornings With Preludio Intenso.
  • A Powerfully Tasty And Aromatic 100 Percent Arabica Coffee.
  • A Creative Blend Of Four South And Central American Arabica.
  • Highly Roasted And Full Bodies Coffee , Enjoy Intense Aromas With Hints Of Lively Fruity Winey Notes.

Transform your weekday mornings with Preludio Intenso, a powerfully tasty and aromatic 100% Arabica coffee, designed to fill morning mugs. A creative blend of four South and Central American Arabica, highly roasted to deliver richness and strength of taste and ground in a specific way to deliver full bodied coffee flavours in a large extraction. Enjoy intense aromas with hints of lively fruity winey notes, balanced with subtle sweet cereal-chocolaty notes for a strong but round and pleasant to drink coffee until the last sip. With milk, its strength is tempered but it keeps a strong coffeeness. Important: Packaging may vary. The product has undergone name and packaging change(Previously called Preludio Intenso) but the actual product remains the same. Customer could receive the product in any of the packaging as visible in the images on random basis.