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Introduction of works included in Traditional Chinese version of "Caijing Selection Vol.2" for Nintendo Switch


"STRIKERS 1945 II" is the second-generation work of the "STRIKERS 1945" series, a vertical scrolling shooting game released in 1997. This is the sequel to "STRIKERS 1945" included in "Caijing Selected Vol.1". It is set after the Second World War. Players can choose one of six types of fighter jets and drive them to defeat the enemy. Flight shooting game.

"Sengoku Blade (TENGAI)"

"Warring States BLADE" is a side-scrolling shooting game produced in 1996, and it is also the sequel to "Warring States ACE" included in "Caijing Collection Vol.1". This work has changed from the vertical scroll shooting of the previous work to the horizontal scroll shooting, and the characters in the game no longer fly planes, but fly directly in the air to confront the enemy physically. There are 6 unique characters designed on the theme of Japanese culture such as ninja, witch, and samurai. Players can choose one of them to enjoy the game. In the two-player mode, depending on the combination of 1P and 2P characters, you can see different endings .

"Armed Asuka 2"

"Armed Asuka 2" is a vertical scrolling shooting game produced in 1998, and the sequel to "Armed Asuka (GUNBIRD)" included in "Saikyo Collection Vol.1". In order to solve their own troubles, 5 characters who try to obtain the "panacea" start an adventure story. Inheriting the game world view, operating system, and unique characters from the previous work, it is also equipped with a system that can see different endings according to the combination of 1P and 2P characters.

"Dragon Blaze"

"Dragon Blaze" is a vertical scrolling shooter game produced in 2000. In a peaceful world, the devil suddenly appeared. In order to defeat the dark forces, the player has to choose one of the 4 dragon knights who can fly with the dragon to defeat the enemy. The unique "dragon shooting" system used at the moment when the dragon and the dragon knight are separated is a feature of this work.