Nintendo Switch Game NS Akai Katana Shin (Asia Version) CHI/ENG/JAP/KOR

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"Akai Katana Red Knife" is a well-known series of horizontal scrolling barrage shooting games developed by Cave in Japan and launched in succession in 2010. And this time, Take×Off is in charge of planning. Among the developed games, "Red Sword (Red Sword)" will be transplanted and adapted based on the original version released on large-scale consoles in 2010. The screen ratio will be adjusted for home consoles, and it will correspond to wide-screen high-definition images. The system also has a completely new "Chi Dao Zhen (红い刀真)", as well as "Je. Red Knife (独·红い刀)" is a collection of three games together.

At the same time, this work will also support online rankings, and it will be equipped with a newly adapted background music, and the "Red Knife" mode in the game will also support two people to play together and challenge together. Players who like this series should not miss it This rare collection opportunity.