Nintendo Switch Game NS Alfred Hitchcock: Vertigo【Limited Edition】(ENG) [EU Version]

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"Alfred . developed by Pendulo Studios in Spain. Hitchcock-Vertigo is a psychological thriller adventure game that allows players to wander between illusion and reality. In the game, ""Ed Miller"" who is a writer will be the main character. Although he had an accident in a car crash in the California valley, he escaped unharmed in the end. However, Ed insisted that besides him, there were his wife and daughter on the scene at the time of the accident, but the reality was that no trace of anyone was found in the wreckage of the car at that time.

In order to find out the wrong differences between reality and memory, Ed will try to find out what the truth is; players will also use the different perspectives and stories of the three characters on the stage, as well as the memories of multiple timelines to find the truth and solve all this. puzzles. And what kind of ending this crazy story will have in the end is waiting for the players, and it is up to the players to confirm the experience in person."