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"Bayonetta 3" is a series of "Bayonetta (Old Translation: Magic Soldiers Shocking Records)" series featuring the sexy witch Bayonetta (Bayonetta) who hunts down angels and demons with gorgeous shooting and martial arts moves latest work. The enemy this time is the artificial biological weapon "Helmculus" which is different from the angels and demons in the past. In order to prevent Hermculus from trying to destroy the human world to master the power enough to destroy the demon world and the heavenly world, Beunita will Once again, he used his powerful and powerful hand that has shaken the world for hundreds of years, and used the new skill "Demon Slave" that can summon and manipulate monsters to fight side by side with his new partner "Viola".

Character introduction

The strongest witch "Beunita" (CV: Atsuko Tanaka)

The forbidden son born of a witch and a sage. Affected by the Omen War that took place 500 years ago, it fell asleep for a long time. When she woke up, she lost all memories except "I am a witch". In the process of fighting against the army of the old enemy Angel, he gradually learned the memories of the past and the secrets hidden in his own life experience.

He is merciless to the enemies who block him, and behaves calmly no matter what the situation. At the same time, he is very thoughtful and always cares about his companions.

Freelance reporter "Luka" (CV: Daisuke Namikawa)

A frivolous reporter. He lost his father in an accident in childhood, and believes that the murderer was Beunita, so he has always been hostile to her. In the process of tracing the truth of the incident, it was discovered that the prisoner who killed his father was actually an angel, so the two reconciled. After that, he helped Beunita and gradually built a relationship of trust with her.

The Silver Witch "Jean of Arc" (CV: Mie Sonozaki)

A witch who survived the war with Beunita 500 years ago. Since childhood, Beunita and Beunita have been partners who have learned from each other and grown up. It can be said that they are friends and rivals. In the first work, she appeared in the form of being brainwashed by an angel, and repeatedly blocked Beunita who lost her memory, but regained her sanity during the battle. In the second work, because of protecting Beiunita from the out-of-control monsters, her soul was taken to the devil world.

The owner of the bar and the weapon craftsman of the devil world "Rodan" (CV: Tetsuaki Genda)

The owner of the bar where the hooligans gather - "Gate of Hell", is also a strong man who provides Beiunita with handmade weapons. Although he is quite powerful, he usually watches the conflicts in the Chaos Realm quietly as a bystander.

Underworld information dealer "Enzo" (CV: Takagi Sho)

He collects information through his own unique channel, and then sells it to Beunita's businessman at a high price. She is often played by Beiunita, and often complains that "it's not good to have a relationship with that woman". In the first work, the information was provided so that Beunita got the clue to retrieve the memory.

This is the first time
The fledgling witch "Viola" (CV: Miyuki Sawajo)

The mysterious female warrior who suddenly appeared in front of Beunita and her party.

They are one of the few people who know that the true identity of the group that invaded the world is Helmculus. She can use magic that only witches can learn, but her relationship with Beunita is unknown.

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