Nintendo Switch Game NS DC's Justice League: Cosmic Chaos (ENG) [EU Version]

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"DC Justice Alliance: Universe Confucian" is an open world action adventure RPG. In the game, the player will be transformed into Batman, the superman and superman, and team with other superheroes to work together to confront the tramps and other super villains from the fifth space and other super villains to bring the "Happy Harbor" of the House of Justice League. Come to peace.

The official said that in the "DC Justice Alliance: the Universe Confucianism", players can compose their own adventure chapter in stimulating tasks, hard fighting and thrilling challenges; Soaring in the air is freely controlled by players. In addition, players can unlock the enemy to unlock the cool shape and special upgrade through the defeat of the enemy, and this game provides the "real-time combat mode" of the Couch Co-OP, which allows players to explore happy ports with friends at any time.

Unlock the mystery that can lead you to the super villain, bounty and secret base
In a group with friends and relatives, start working together at any time
Play Superman, Gemper Superman and Superman in the main line and branch tasks full of action adventures

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