Nintendo Switch Game NS Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires (ENG) [EU Version]

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"Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires" is a commemorative work commemorating the 20th anniversary of "Dynasty Warriors", and it is the latest in the "Empires" series that can experience both the refreshing action elements of riding a horse and the simulation game elements of "Seize the World" do. .

The strategic battle, one of the characteristics of the "Empires" series, has been greatly evolved into "Siege Warfare" in this work. Taking the surrounding area of the city as the stage, lead the army to capture the city. In the ever-changing battle situation, flexibly use various strategies or your own force to try to capture the city gate, bringing brand-new fighting fun. The "political strategy system" is still retained, and players will experience the colorful careers of monarchs, generals, soldiers and generals in the wild. It is also possible to build a stronger country by building relationships through exchanges with various generals.