Nintendo Switch Game NS Ishu Saikyou Ou Zukan: Battle Colosseum (JP ver)

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This is a game based on the theme of the children's book "Illustrated Book of the Strongest King of Alien Species" published by the Japanese publishing house Gakken Plus (学研+). In the game, six representative creatures will be selected from four types of animals including "insects/animals/extinct animals/dinosaurs" to participate in this virtual battle tournament to determine the real strongest. And the player will act as a researcher of the "Strongest King Research Institute". In order to win this championship, he will start to cultivate his own competition creatures, so that the creatures he has carefully cultivated can win in the championship. Stand out and ascend to the throne of the strongest king!

In the game, there will be as many as 24 species of creatures such as "insects/animals/extinct animals/dinosaurs", including lions, hornets, African grasslands, tyrannosaurs, etc., and Players can also confirm the actual ecological information of these creatures through the detailed information collected by the system. And after the player has cultivated powerful creatures through special training and other methods, they can send them out in the conference to engage in fierce and courageous battles with the enemy. Through various command selections such as attack/defense, they can continue to pass the test and become the strongest creature worthy of the name. King!