Nintendo Switch Game NS Koisuru Otome to Mamoru no Tate Re:boot The ”SHIELD-9” (JP)

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AEGIS, the legendary shield against all evil. And the organization "AEGIS" to which the protagonist Kisaragi Shushi belongs has two faces.

On the surface, it is a security company that provides all-round services from ordinary families to first-class enterprises... Behind the scenes, it is an escort agency that sometimes uses illegal means to protect the target.

Shushi Kisaragi, a rookie special agent who belongs to the Special Important Persons Protection Section, has amazing motor nerves that cannot be imagined with a petite body. He is a potential new star who has successfully protected several important persons so far.

And the brand-new escort mission that Xiushi turned out to be "put on women's clothing and sneak into the all-female boarding college, and live as a female student while protecting the target", which is really very difficult.

"I can't help it! And it's impossible! I'm a man!"

I saw the boss pat the excited Xiu Shi on the shoulder.

"No problem, you can do it. Because you are so cute. Be good, be good."

That's right. Xiushi not only has a petite body, but also has a neutral face and a high-pitched voice. At first glance, it looks like a slightly boyish girl.


In this way, AEGIS forcibly threw the reluctant Xiu Shi to the work site. Then Xiushi met the girls who were going to protect him there...

Absolutely, no one can know her true identity.
Absolutely, you can't be known as a man.
Moreover, the object of protection must be thoroughly protected.

After Shushi sneaked in as a female student "Yamada Taeko", he found that what awaited him was a forbidden garden. It is a gorgeous space filled with girls wherever you look.

From time to time, he is harassed by peers who have sneaked into the school and enemy spies, making Shi Xiu's school full of excitement every day.

He sometimes participates in cultural festivals, sometimes takes home economics classes, and lives a life like a schoolgirl...and he has to spend his energy on wearing women's clothes every day, so Xiushi continues to protect the girl who is the object of protection every day.

Can Xiu Shi completely protect them...?

Thus began the wonderful student life between Shushi Kisaragi and the girls.