Nintendo Switch Game NS Metroid Prime Remastered (CHI/ENG/JAP/KOR) [ASIA Version]

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"Metrode Prime Remastered" was launched on Nintendo GameCube in February 2003. It is a remastered version of "Metrode Prime", which established the 3D gameplay of the series, with Nintendo Switch. The screen has been upgraded to high-quality images. In addition to the original operation, the current mainstream operation method that can simultaneously control movement and viewpoint with dual joysticks has been added. It also supports intuitive gyroscope dynamic sensing input.

In the game, players will play the role of "Sams Alan", the strongest bonus hunter in the galaxy, forced to land on an unknown planet to start an adventure due to the pursuit of the deadly enemy. Players will freely explore this vast world from the perspective of Samus, use beam cannons and missiles to fight against vicious creatures, challenge planetary puzzles, gain new abilities to expand the location of exploration, perform various action moves and 4 This exploration-critical goggle system goes deeper into the planet.