Nintendo Switch Game NS NeverAwake (JPN Version) CHI/ENG/JAP

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"NeverAwake" is an action shooting game with dual joystick operation. In the game, the player will operate the heroine "Rem" to shoot down enemies and collect the souls on the level in the level screen with hand-painted style and continuous loop performance. In this work, the nightmare of the girl Rem who cannot wake up will be used as the stage. In her nightmare, she will fight various objects that she hates, such as vegetables, puppies, dentists, school friends, etc. Collect the necessary souls to wake yourself up. And what kind of ending will be waiting for Rem at the end of this combat adventure, it is up to the players to experience it for themselves.

In addition, in addition to more than 80 levels will be included in the game, there will also be dozens of powerful Boss bosses on the stage to welcome the players. Players can also unlock various weapon accessories through the game, and according to their own Gameplay preferences and level characteristics to customize the equipment combination, so that you can get twice the result with half the effort in the level strategy! At the same time, there will be multiple endings in the game. Whether the player can find the best true ending to pass the level smoothly depends on how the player chooses in the game!